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Testimonials of Sun & Moon Taiji One

Injuries & Health Problems Improved by Our Students:

- Stress

- Aging & Wrinkles

- Overweight (two students have lost

  40 lbs EACH and counting!)

- High Blood Pressure

- Fatigue & Weakness

- Insomnia

- Osteoporosis

- Sciatica

- Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Back Problems including Herniated Disc

- Rehab from Hip Replacement

- Knee Pain

- Chronically Sprained Ankle

- Heel Injury
- Plantar Fasciatis

- Kyphosis (Hunchback)

The practice of Tai Chi (Taiji) has improved my strength, balance, flexibility, and overall health and peace of mind.  Specifically, I have problems with one of my knees, dating from old injuries.  The Tai Chi (Taiji) moves have helped strengthen that knee and to make it more stable and balanced.  I also occasionally experience pain in the hip area, and a Tai Chi (Taiji) class always makes it feel better while allowing me to stay active.  I have exercised all of my life, but Tai Chi (Taiji) is one of the most beneficial forms of physical activity that I have ever done.  Mickey and Melody are gifted teachers who exhibit both patience and enthusiasm during every class and activity.  They are also wonderful performers of Tai Chi (Taiji), with Mickey recognized as a national champion.  They create a supportive yet challenging atmosphere so that every student performs at his or her best level.  I am grateful to have found such great teachers and a form of exercise with unparalleled benefits to both body and mind.

          - Nancy R. Grunberg

My venture into Tai Chi (Taiji) took me to the unknown.  Little did I realize the changes that I would experience since that first class in April 2011.  Although I found the warm-ups and stretches to be understandable, my stamina was not what I wanted.  Improvements, however, are noticeable.  That is a good thing.  When I began to learn how to "walk" the Tai Chi (Taiji) way, I thought I would never master it.  But I did.  Although I still walk better forward than backward.  Adding the arms to the feet was another challenge that I continue to try to master.

The exciting accomplishments were surprises.  After several months of classes, I found that I could lift previously dauntingly heavy objects, such as my tack box, without much exertion.  And then it was the 44-pound bags of dog food...again, I used to never touch them, being barely able to move them around.  Now I can actually pick them up and carry them where they need to be.

And muscles!  In my upper arms...suddenly I had them without knowing it.  Even my pharmacist commented when giving me my flu shot in November.  All very promising and just what I wanted from class.

When I took a silly fall in December, I found that I was able to regain my balance before I landed on the floor with a thud, and I eased myself down and waited until the pain in my foot (It had fallen asleep and failed to support me when I stood up) subsided.  I got up, supported the aching foot with a stretch bandage, and kept on going.

          - Regina Swygert-Smith

I improved my balance, I strengthened my knees. Shifting from one leg to the other in slow motion is the real challenge.  Coaches Melody and Mickey will make sure that the movements are performed as they should be.  It is a peaceful moment of focus, concentration and energy.

         - Claire Luisi

Tai Chi (Taiji) classes are moments for me to simply STOP.  Stop to think about my small versus medium versus large movements; or the placement of my foot and let’s not forget to tuck in... This for one hour not only removes me temporarily from the chaos of work-home balance, it gives me much needed energy, a dose of rejuvenation every time I go, no matter how rushed I feel getting there (or late).  Once I am there, I am in the moment of Tai Chi (Taiji) and I feel the dedication of coaches Mickey & Melody towards my individual needs. Thanks!

          - Estelle-Marie Heussen

I've studied Tai Chi (Taiji) for about two years with Melody and Mickey Lee, whose coaching method differs from those of other Tai Chi (Taiji) classes I had attended. Here is what I like:

- Precision in all poses and movements. This is done with the "walking" exercises that repeat a pose or movement. It might take while, but once you learned a pose well, you feel confident about it.

- Commitment to memory. Each "form" we learn is expected to be memorized so students can practice on their own. This really concentrates the mind when you are asked to perform solo.

​- Martial arts origins. I find it interesting how a Tai Chi (Taiji) pose or movement has evolved from the ancient martial arts.

Through their own advanced skills Melody and Mickey make great models for the class. But more importantly, they coach each student in great detail but at the student's own pace. They are firm but gentle, work us hard but with a sense of humor.

          - Ettie Butters

Sun Moon is the best Tai Chi (Taiji) class in town!  You get two teachers for the price of one.  With two teachers, you get individual attention in every class.  The teachers often split up so that students can practice at their own level and their own pace.   Sun Moon is not restricted to just one style of Tai Chi (Taiji).  They teach both Yang style and Chen style, and also give instruction in the Tai Chi (Taiji) sword form and other weapons.

Coach Mickey Lee is the 2011 NASKA World Grand Champion in martial arts, the first winner to compete using Tai Chi (Taiji).  But don't be intimidated -- he is a gentle and supportive teacher, and so is his mother, Melody.

Tai Chi (Taiji) has improved my flexibility, strength, and balance, and also gives peace of mind.  Every Sun Moon class begins with gentle stretching exercises that warm you up and give you many of the benefits of yoga classes.  Next comes a study of various Tai Chi (Taiji) postures and forms.  Tai Chi (Taiji) is a slow-motion martial art based upon actual hand-to-hand fighting techniques.  In Sun & Moon classes, you not only learn the postures and forms, but also learn how they can be applied for self-defense.

With small classes, you get to know both the teachers and the other students well.  Come for fellowship in addition to exercise!

         - Jerry Butters, Age 66

A few years ago I suffered a medical problem that, after a great deal of therapy, exercise, and effort, left me with elevated blood pressure, overweight, proprioception/movement disorders, and severe acute pain.  Simple tasks I could not perform included balancing on one leg, touching my nose with my eyes closed, and standing from a seated position without looking at my legs.  My weight/fluid retention problem was so stubborn I simply named my protruding abdomen a “huggy bear”.  Because of my sense of being fatigued I normally drank 4 cups of coffee (the whole pot) to get the energy to get into the shower in the morning.  I feared becoming hopelessly addicted to the pain medications that made each day a tolerable fog.

Although I appreciate the great value of the medical care I received and am receiving, I still hoped to make a fuller recovery than I had achieved.  Because of the progress I had made in physical therapy, I knew I would not be able to make further progress without personal instruction and coaching.  I had taken a Tai Chi (Taiji) class decades earlier as a graduate student, and decided to attend the Tai Chi (Taiji) course offered through Grand Master Rhee’s martial arts school.  I selected this course simply because of my high opinion of Master Rhee and his family.

My simple personal commitment was to follow the instruction I received and practice whatever I was taught morning and evening.  Although even the simplest exercises were a struggle to perform, coaches Mickey and Melody helped me work out what was awkward and patiently gave me suggestions and simpler exercises to help me work on recovering my health and physical capabilities.

After a half year of instruction, I can balance on one leg (and even move), touch my nose with my eyes closed, and stand up without tripping.  With a combination of exercise and surgery I am out of pain, have stopped all pain medication, and am working towards normal posture.  My blood pressure is down from 140+/90+ to 121/71. Amazingly, my cholesterol is down to 157 mg/dL, the balance of high density to low density is also good, and I have been told to reduce medication.  I have normal energy and do not need caffeine to wake up.  Best of all, I do not feel the same intense fear prior to follow-up appointments with my doctors.

I strongly feel that coaches Mickey and Melody instruction and my decision to make Tai Chi (Taiji) my daily exercise are a key to the progress I have made, and without this decision I would probably still be in daily pain and suffering from an intense sense of fatigue.
          - Dan D.

I had a hard day and was very tired when I arrived at class.  However, by the end of class that night, I really felt invigorated.  I felt alert and full of energy but, at the same time, relaxed although this sounds somewhat contradictory.  I felt like I could go back to work for a few hours or easily take a nice rest.  Having worked enough for the day, I chose the rest and had an excellent night's sleep.  All of this is pretty typical of the way that I feel at the end of a couple of hours of evening Taiji.  It's all thanks to the two coaches and their knowledge and skills.

          - Mike DeFazio

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