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Coach Mickey Lee

B.A., Psychology, Georgetown University

M.Ed., Elementary Education, University of Maryland

Iyengar Yoga Practitioner

5th Degree in Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do

Georgetown University TKD Club Founder/Director

4x COIMAC Grand Champion

Tiger Claw Elite Championship Final Grand Champion 

    (vs 6 various Traditional Forms Champions)

NASKA World Grand Champion

Featured Performer on ESPN2 through US Open/ISKA

Chief Organizer of COIMAC, USCC (2017 to Present)

Coach Melody Lee

2x Valedictorian, Kyung-gi Girls' Middle & High Schools

Pre-Med & M.D., Seoul National University

M.M.S. in Immunology, Seoul National University

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, MSKCC, Cornell University

Researcher of Retroviral DNA Integration, NIH

    *Discoverer of BAF (1994)*

Iyengar Yoga Practitioner

4th Degree in Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do

TCEC Final Grand Championship Finalist

    (1 of 7 Trad Forms Champions including Mickey Lee)

Coach of NASKA World Grand Champion Mickey Lee

Co-Founders & Co-Directors, Sun & Moon Taiji One
Yang Tai Chi under GM Dennis Brown, 7th Degrees in Dennis Brown Shaolin Wushu

Chen Taiji under Dr. C.P. Ong and Chen Village Grand Masters

(Chen Xiaowang, Chen Zhenglei, Zhu Tiancai, Zhu Xiang Qian, Chen Ziqiang)

Chen Taiji Training in Chen Village under GM Zhu Tiancai

 USAWKF-Certified National Instructors and Judges

WUSA9 TV Interview by Sports Reporter Kristen Berset, Aired on Evening News (2012.03.01)

Contact Us:  SunAndMoonTaijiOne@gmail DOT com


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