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Martial Foodie

What is a Foodie?

Hearing : Listening :: Eating : Savoring

As the analogy goes, listening is hearing as well as processing the meaning behind what is said.  By the same token, savoring is embracing the total experience of eating by utilizing all the senses and past culinary experiences.

Foodies are those who savor the whole experience of eating, enjoying the present and connecting to previous memories with regards to food so as to truly appreciate the deliberate efforts made by the chef.  Foodies love to dine out as well as shop and prepare their own culinary creations.

About Martial Foodies

Instrumental to Coach Mickey’s weight loss was becoming more aware of eating and gaining a greater appreciation for food.  By becoming more conscious of dietary choices (quality, quantity, and balance of nutrition), helping Coach Melody in the kitchen, and learning to savor food using all the senses, Coaches Mickey and Melody have become passionate foodies.

As with martial arts, food is a shared passion.  Coach Melody applies her experiences dining out with her those as an N.I.H. research scientist into her kitchen by creatively synthesizing and evolving her own style of cooking with Coach Mickey serving as Sous Chef.  When cooking or dining out, Coach Melody meticulously takes photos while Coach Mickey researches and writes about their culinary experiences as senior contributor for the up-and-coming arts and entertainment site Culture Mob as well as the Zagat Survey and Yelp.

Archived Articles by Martial Foodie

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