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Sun & Moon Taiji One

Tai Chi

Tae Kwon Do

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What We Do

Regular Tai Chi Classes:
Our Tai Chi (Taiji) curriculum begins with Yang Style Tai Chi and progresses to Chen Style Tai Chi.  Tai Chi training includes:
• Stretching & Conditioning
• Basics
• Forms
• Applications
• Push-hands
• Weapons​


*NEW* Gentle Tai Chi Classes:

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Rank Promotion:
We provide students structure through progressive curriculum leveled by sashes.

Classes Open to Public:
At the end of each season, we offer an open house for prospective students for the upcoming season.  
In addition, we periodically hold classes at the studios or outdoors at a park also open to the public.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day:
We join in the worldwide celebration of health and healing by holding an outdoor Taiji performance and class, followed by a delicious luncheon!

Social Gatherings:
For bonding and camaraderie off the mat, we celebrate members' birthdays and graduations with potluck tea parties or go out together for special occasions.


In October 2014, the SMTO Family celebrated SMTO's 5th Anniversary with performances, recitations of personal reflections, photo gallery retrospective of SMTO's history, beautiful food including commemorative cake from Galina, joyous company, and more fun!

Hosting VIP Guest Seminars:
We host VIP guest instructors who teach their area of expertise, from Taijiquan to special forms of Qigong.

Chen Village Grand Master Seminars:
We have had the precious opportunities to train with 19th Generation Chen Village Grand Masters Chen Xiaowang and Zhu Tiancai as well as 20th Generation Master Chen Ziqiang.

With instructors as pioneering Tai Chi competitors, we encourage students to compete at tournaments to accelerate their growth and become more comfortable with performing under pressure.


At the 2013 USAWKF National Championships, Team Sun & Moon Taiji One (composed of 6 students & 2 instructors) took home the coveted Group Taiji National Title!  In addition, we won 16 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal in individual competition.


At the 2014 New England International Wushu Championships, Team SMTO won its 2nd National Championship in 2 years for Group Taiji!  In individual competition, we won 12 Gold, 3 Silver, and 2 Bronze Medals as well as 2 All-American Taiji Cups!


At the 2015 US Capitol Classics/China Open, Team SMTO won its 3rd consecutive National Championship in Group Taiji.  In addition, we had the honor of being selected as the only Special Demonstration to perform at the Saturday Night Finals of Grand Championship competitions.


At the 2016 US Capital Wushu Championships, Team SMTO won its 4th straight National Championship in Group Taiji, sweeping Group Yang Taijiquan, Group Chen Taijiquan, and Group Taiji Sword.  In addition, we won 11 Gold Medals in individual competition.

At the 2017 US Capitol Classics/China Open Internal Martial Arts Championships, our 3 participating members won 4 Gold and 2 Silver Medals in 4 Divisions in individual competition.

On-Stage Performances:
We promote performing for self-growth as well as to share with friends, family, and general audience.  We have performed at Georgetown University Asiafest and Georgetown Day, CCACC Lunar Year Festival at Lakeforest Mall, Fiesta Asia Street Festival in Downtown DC, World Tai Chi & Qigong Day at Georgetown University, ACSC Lunar New Year Festival in Falls Church, VA, and Asian Diversity Group's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration in Clarksville, MD.  We also had the honor to perform at the Saturday Night Show of the 2015 US Capitol Classics in National Harbor, MD.  Check out our Video Gallery.​

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