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Sun & Moon Taiji One

Tai Chi

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How to Get Started

Who Can Join?

Taiji One is open to anyone interested in learning Tai Chi (Taiji) for the first time or building upon previous experience through our unique Taiji One approach. Taiji One is for all ages: our mom-and-son duo of instructors have taught students from 6 to 89 years of age (though based upon individual, the youngest age we recommend beginning Taiji is 8 years).

No prior martial arts experience is necessary to join. Experienced martial artists from all disciplines are also welcome.

If you are a parent, set an example of health and happiness for your kids by taking part in the joy of learning Tai Chi (Taiji). Even better is learning together as family!

What Do I Need to Bring?

An open mind and the willingness to train hard are the only pre-requisites!

Contact us for your first class, wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.  Thin-sole indoor shoes are optional.

Uniform T-shirts, shoes, pants, silk uniforms, and Tai Chi (Taiji) weapons will be supplied.

We would love to have you in the Sun & Moon Taiji One Family!

Schedule your Trial Class Now!

E-mail:  SunAndMoonTaijiOne@gmail dot com

Phone:  (301) 512-5071


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