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Coach Melody Lee

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Coach Melody Lee, M.D., Ph.D.

The Martial Scientist

In 2009, Coaches Melody and Mickey began teaching Taiji at Georgetown University Taiji One. Within a few short but intense months of training, their students—who had no previous experience in Tai Chi—performed beautifully like seasoned veterans on stage at AsiaFest, the university’s annual Asian/Asian American cultural show.

Together, Coaches Melody and Mickey founded Sun & Moon Taiji One as a compilation of their approach to the martial arts and began teaching Tai Chi at GM Coles’ Coles Martial Arts Academy in October 2009. They enjoy taking an individual approach and teaching as a team, helping their students to actualize their potential as burgeoning or continuing martial artists.

Coach Melody has brought her scientific approach from her research experiences into teaching the martial arts.  Not only does she apply this in her day-to-day teaching, she also utilizes it in coaching her NASKA World Grand Champion Coach Mickey.  She analyzes the precious wisdoms of their various teachers and synthesizes into her own in a systematic manner understandable by students at varying experience levels.

She has enjoyed making the transition from the field of medicine, which is trying to attack sickness, to molecular life science, and finally, to the field of preventative and proactive health in the martial arts. As a martial scientist, Coach Melody takes joy in helping individuals live healthier and happier lives.


Career Highlights

-  Pre-Med, M.D., and M.M.S. in Immunology, Seoul National University

-  Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences

-  Discovery of BAF (1994), National Institutes of Health

-  4th Degree in Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do

- Yang Tai Chi (Taiji) under GM Dennis Brown, 7th Degree in Dennis Brown Shaolin Wushu

- Chen Tai Chi (Taiji) under Dr. C.P. Ong and Chen Village Grand Masters Chen Xiaowang, Zhu Tiancai, and Chen Zhenglei

-  Iyengar Yoga Practitioner

-  Co-Founder & Co-Director, Sun & Moon Taiji One

-  Instructor of GUTKD Club

-  Martial & Culinary Scientist
​-  Coach of 2011 NASKA World Grand Champion Mickey Lee

-  USAWKF-Certified National Instructor and Judge

-  WUSA 9 TV Interview of Coaches Mickey and Melody by Sports Reporter Kristen Berset,

         "Local Martial Artist Kicking Down the Competition,"  Aired on Evening News, Mar. 1, 2012

-  Elite Tai Chi Competitor

       - 2006 U.S. Capitol Classics/China Open, Yang Tai Chi Forms Champion

       - 2007 San Diego Grand Internationals, Female Tai Chi Grand Champion

       - 2007 Tiger Claw Elite Championship Final, 40+ Tai Chi Forms & Weapons Champions
       - 2008 New England Int'l Chinese MA Competition, Female Tai Chi Weapons Champion

       - 2013 USAWKF National Championships, Taiji Forms/Weapons Champions,

         National Champion in Group Taiji Form with Team Sun & Moon Taiji One

      - 2014 All-American Taijiquan Cup, 36-60 Women's Overall Champion

      - 2014 New England International Wushu Championships, Young Adult Advanced Group Taijiquan,

         National Champion in Group Taiji Form with Team Sun & Moon Taiji One

-  Notable On-stage Performances by Invitation as a Duo with Coach Mickey

       - 2003-2009 Tae Kwon Do Demonstrations for GGM Jhoon Rhee's Seminars 

              With GUTKD:  US Dept of Justice (2003); US Dept of Health & Human Services (2004)

              As a Duo: Fed. Gov. Agencies (2003); World Culture Open (2003); Korean Embassy (2009)

              With Jhoon Rhee Institute:  Smithonian Museum of Natural History (2003)

      - 2003-2009 GU Asiafest with GUTKD Club (2003) and GU Taiji One (2008 & 2009)

      - 2007-2008 San Diego Grand Int'ls, Tai Chi Demo for Sat. Night Journey through Martial Arts

              As a Trio with GM Tang Weizhong (2007); Synchronized Tai Chi as a Duo (2008)
       - 2008 Moroccan Ambassador's Party Honoring GGM Rhee, Synchronized Tai Chi Demo
       - 2010 Dixieland Nationals, Opening Demo for Saturday Night Show with Synch. Tai Chi

       - 2015 US Capitol Classics/China Open, Special Tai Chi Demonstration with Team Sun & Moon Taiji One

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