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Coach Mickey Lee

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Coach Mickey Lee, M.Ed.

Tai Chi (Taiji) and More

In the summer of 2003, Coaches Mickey and Melody accompanied GGM Rhee to perform alongside one of his speeches about happiness and health at the World Culture Open.  Interested in learning Tai Chi (Taiji), Coaches Mickey and Melody stayed to watch Grand Master Dennis Brown’s Yang Tai Chi (Taiji) demonstration.  Captivated, they met GM Brown and began their Tai Chi (Taiji) journey the following month—ultimately earning their Black Sashes under GM Brown at the end of 2006.

Earlier in 2006, in a moment of serendipity, they happened to meet one of their Kung Fu teachers whom they had not seen in years at a local coffee shop.  Without prompting, he telepathically asked if they were interested in learning Chen Tai Chi (Taiji).  Through his recommendation, they began passionately training in the oldest of major styles of Tai Chi (Taiji) under 20th generation Chen Tai Chi (Taiji) Master Dr. C.P. Ong.

As disciple of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei and indoor student of GM Chen Xiaowang, Dr. Ong has hosted their seminars in the Washington, DC area along with GM Zhu Tiancai's.  Embracing this special opportunity to train directly under three of the 19th generation's Grand Masters, Coaches Mickey and Melody have attended their seminars since 2006.

In addition to the DC seminars, they have followed GM Chen Xiaowang to London, England to immerse themselves in his 10-day workshop.  In 2011, they also joined 20th generation Chen Tai Chi (Taiji) Master Kam Lee in a martial arts pilgrimage to Chen Village for 3 weeks of training and travel.  The trip took them through Beijing and Chen Village, where Coach Mickey competed at the 6th Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Exchange Competition, winning Silver Medals in Tai Chi (Taiji) Form and Tai Chi Straight Sword (Taijijian).

Thanks to Chen Tai Chi (Taiji) and the traveling around the country for open and Chinese Martial Arts competitions, including the San Diego Grand Internationals, which Coaches Mickey and Melody were introduced to their mentors in martial arts, Sijo Antwione Alferos.  Through the SDGI, they were introduced to Grand Master Tang Wei Zhong.  They had the honor of meeting GM Tang, a national treasure of Chinese internal and external arts, and subsequently training intensely at his home for a week.  Through Sijo Alferos, Coaches Mickey and Melody also were introduced to the Whipping Williow Association, a community of highly esteemed martial artists and leaders whose goal is unity through celebrating diversity of different styles and honoring teachers.  Thanks to WWA, they had the honor of meeting the founder of Blossom Fist, Sijo Bil Owens, who has helped them to systematize their teaching and martial arts curriculum.

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